Robert Stephen Notzon

    We are a small firm that focuses on individualized treatment of our clients.
From our years of experience, we understand the tremendous suffering that our clients face from either being discriminated or retaliated against in the employment context or from the injuries and losses in the personal injury context.

    Both areas of law carry with them unique patterns of pain and suffering that are difficult to communicate and understand for those that have not been through such experiences.
It is our firm's strongly held commitment to work closely with you to first understand your feelings and the facts of your case and second to educate you in the how the law works with your particular case.
We take this partnership seriously and cannot proceed in representing any client unless we have an equally strong commitment from the client.

    Although we are a small firm, we do not shy away from large defendants. Our firm has successfully entered into litigation with such defendants as the United States Post Office, The State of Texas, IBM, Hewlett-Packard, City of Austin, City of Round Rock, Capital Metropolitan Transportation, Dell, Whole Foods Market, Sunset Direct and others.

Fee Structures

    We have different fee structures depending on the nature of the case and the client's choices.
These different fee structures generally include the following:

    Straight Contingency - where client pays no money down and the attorney collects his entire fee on prevailing,

    Modified Contingency - where client pays a small retainer and the attorney collects his entire fee on prevailing.

    Modified Contingency with Expenses - where client pays a small retainer and the expenses of litigation and the attorney collects a reduced fee on prevailing.

    Hourly - where the client pays the attorney a retainer fee and an hourly wage and the client keeps the entire recovery upon prevailing.

We will discuss with you the best option for your case during your initial consultation.



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